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    Winner Stream


Real-time sports video transmission

Produced by the sports community

​Virtual game API transmission provided

We specialize in sports broadcasting sites.
Winnerstream Sports Broadcasting Production is a company that sells sports broadcasting solutions.

With long-term operational know-how
Site production, management, server and video management, advertising etc.
We solve everything at once.

so that you can focus only on operationsWinner Streamwith this proven service

It is composed of partners and provides stable

WINNERSTREAM Sports Broadcast Production
WINNERSTREAM Sports Broadcast Production
The App

Production of sports broadcasting site

​Sports broadcasting

    Winner Stream


Sports broadcasting solution production winner specializing in sports broadcasting site production that can transmit live sports video APIIt's a stream.

Provides the ability to watch high-definition video of all sports channels in the world in real time through the sports video API.

Sports broadcasting site production, management, server and sports video api management, advertisement, etc. are all solved at once.

WINNERSTREAM, which has been in its 8th year, is composed of proven sports video services and partners so that you can focus only on operation.
Provides a stable sports video API.

We support you so that you can focus only on the operation of the head office, and we, WINNER, do the restStream takes care of everything.


From sports broadcasting site production to proven advertising team at once!

- Production of sports relay site

- Possible to transmit sports relay API

- Produced by eating and running / verification community

- Customized production of other sports broadcasting solutions

- Possible to add bulletin board automatic post registration option

- Additional modification/development of sports relay site

- Possible to act as a server management agent for sports broadcasting sites

Real-time 24-hour management and response

Maintain average base of customer operation over 1 year

High Speed

It is optimized for PC or all smart devices, and it is possible to watch in high definition without interruption by using the first signal rather than secondary provision.

24/7 Online

Only customers can respond to errors/bugs 24 hours a day, enabling stable operation.


WINNERSTREAM's solutions are upgraded every week and the level of completeness is increasing.

- Google keyword management verification completed

- Actual main keyword top exposure verification completed

WINNERSTREAM Sports Broadcast Production

Advertisement SEO partner results verification completed

WINNERSTREAM Sports Broadcast Production

Our goal is one.

Our goal is to keep our site up and running for a long time.

After trial and arrival, we select proven solutions and partners

We have a stable infrastructure.

so that you can focus only on operations

We offer everything at once.

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